Friday, 27 July 2012

Stop disk checks on Ubuntu startup

Stop Disk Checks on Ubuntu Startup

There is a program called autofsck which provides a gui-based method of setting the time between disk checks.

Install it with:

sudo aptitude install autofsck
In the menus, it's located in System, Admin, Periodic Disk Checking.

When you do the sudo command it will ask you for the password for the root user:


Edit that sweet little configuration file – /etc/fstab. That’s the file that controls how most of your storage devices are mounted. A typical line in this file looks like this:
9a02bf4ff078    /     ext3    defaults     0       1
We’re concerned only with the last digit because that is the information ubuntu uses to decide whether to force a disk check or not. A value of zero means do-not-check and any other positive number tells the system to check that storage device at boot. So all I had to do was to change the “one” to “zero” and the forced check was disabled.


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