Friday, 19 May 2017

Delay the startup of Latte Dock in KDE

I'm now using a KDE build (Antergos) : and loving it!

I've been using Latte Dock since I had some issues with Plank under KDE: on occasions it would show an extra icon for Plasma and that started me looking for something new.

I do like Latte Dock a lot: but I've been having an issue with KDE occasionally crashing out of GL compositing on startup: which always shows up in the dock since its background re appears and looks ugly.

My theory is that if I could delay the dock startup a while: the compositing would be unaffected when the dock loaded: and so far it seems to have worked.

So I changed the line in my autostart to look like this:

The only thing I changed was the command which reads:

sleep 20s && latte-dock &

Now the compositing can load ahead of the dock and all seems to be well.