Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Now the hair has gone as well

I look more like the chap in my signature photo now  (OK: still quite a lot older but not that different),  the wookie look has gone.

Who knows if this will make me more employable or not,  but it does feel like I have taken another variable out of the way.

Also managed to pick up a suit jacket at a charity shop for £20 that was in perfect condition and fitted as well.  That plus the Marks and Spencers shoes (hardly worn,  my size) for £10 and I'm feeling up on the deal.

I just need to sort out my PlanetRecruit login sorted and I'll be satisfied that I'm still getting somewhere.  I changed from one mail address to another and that has confused their system somehow,  its now the last one that still has not had my "improved" CV and they do seem to bring up the most relevant jobs for myself: out of all the sites that I'm using.


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