Friday, 16 December 2016

Strange Mouse Effects with Virtualbox

Since the latest updates to Virtualbox I've noticed a strange issue with the mouse pointer on the guest systems.

I usually run Linux VM guests but I've read reports that this can be  an issue with windows guests as well.  A very large and annoying pointer shadow appears on the screen:

I've googled all around and tried a few fixes but nothing works for me so far.  Plenty of other people seem to get this issue,  but there are no workarounds that have helped my situation.

The issue seems to vary in severity according to the mouse pointer scheme you choose,  with plain black pointers its much less pronounced but if you are using the chameleon cursor set you are really out of luck.

If anyone knows a fix: please let me know.

Freetype update issue from the aur

If you use the infinality font set one of the fonts you get is Freetype.

Recently when  updating I found there was an issue with updating this package,  which was from the AUR on my manjaro.

The update was failing and coming up with an error which complained about the PGP key in the update.

As always google is your friend,  and it lead me here

It turns out that you can refresh the required key with this command:

gpg --keyserver hkp:// --recv-keys 58E0C111E39F5408C5D3EC76C1A60EACE707FDA5

Once that was done the update went through without an issue.

Infinality Fonts and text antialiasing issue

I always set up the infinality fonts when I set up a Linux distro.  Its not that Linux is awful at fonts,  but its hard to argue its always as good as windows.  If something can be improved with regards to a linux config,  I'll have a go.

Until now I've never had an issue with the infinality fonts which I use both in Manjaro and MX15/16.   However,  the other day I did come across something rather strange.

I was trying to set  up a logo for my sister's blogsite and I wanted a clear background with the text on top.  So I googled how to do this with gimp and off I went: but when I typed in my logo  this is what I saw:

The green highlight around the edge of the font was  hideous,  so I had to go another way.  

So off to google I went and eventually I found this

The solution was this:

Creating /etc/gimp/2.0/fonts.conf and adding

fixes the problem.