Monday, 8 February 2010

Useful site for free applications

Have a look at Ninite : its a great one stop shop for getting those useful free apps. It may not be relevant for work laptops but for home machines it can be a great time saver if you are setting up a new system or looking for useful stuff.

There are quite a few links in there: you only have to select the ones you are interested in and it will do all the work for you: installing them all at once.

Of the stuff there here is what I would recommend:

Firefox: more stable and secure than internet explorer
Songbird: a good alternative for those worried about the "bloat" associated with Itunes. My personal favourite is MediaMonkey which is not on this site: but if you have a big media collection its well worth looking at ( it even works with iPods.
VLC: a great application which can play just about any video file: much easier than installing all those codecs for Media Player and faster too really nice graphics app: does not have all the features of photoshop of course but then the chances are that you'll never use them anyway....
InfranView: great viewer for pictures: fed up with the slow load times when opening pictures sent as mail attachments: this will do it much faster
Microsoft Security Essentials: many people scoffed when this came out but it actually does very well in finding spyware
Spybot: a more complete any spyware product: it does not run in memory which means that it does not slow down your system: but you do need to remember to run a clean occasionally
CCleaner: takes care of all those temporary files that build up in your profile: which can sometimes run to many gigabytes of data, it could save you having to shell out for a new hard drive
Revo Uninstaller: windows does a poor job of uninstalling applications often leaving bits and pieces behind: this does it much better and faster
CD Burner XP: no need to shell out for Nero if you want to burn CDs: this does the job for free. Bear in mind: not required if you have Windows 7.


johnmoconnor said...

I agree all good ones,one I would add in media player classic ,tiny footprint and great playback

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