Monday, 1 February 2010

Swyx 7

Over the next few weeks I'll be implementing an upgrade to our telephony software. We currently use Swyx which I've found to be a very reliable and cost effective solution. We use version 5 on some quite old hardware but the move over to Windows 7 means its upgrade time.

I'll be posting on the upgrade process and what it means technically and practically to our organisation.

I've decided to take a quite cautious approach to the implementation. We will set up a new server with its own ISDN card and run both in parallel for a while for testing. Swyx offer a bundle of their products which seems very cost effective: among the most interesting options here is the one for mobile telephony. There is currently a disconnect between the office phones and the mobile phones. We have a lot of people who are consulting "on the road" : for these people the office fixed lines are almost irrelevant. I want to bring these people back into the mix if I can : but I'm not looking forward to pushing out the Sywx mobile software onto a diverse mix of mobile phones: more as it happens!


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