Thursday, 4 February 2010

Nokia E71 handsets and Lotus Traveler

Being a domino house we use Lotus Traveler for push mail onto our mobiles. To this end we have Nokia E71s which support this.

I found that the latest version of traveler which comes with Domino 8.5.1 (there's a fixpack out for this too) seems more reliable than the first version.

The phones themselves work OK with it although there's an issue whereby after a few days the push eliment seems to drop. Firmware updates on the phones seem to help but there is a frustration here. Nokia make new firmware versions available dependant on the "code" of the phone. On their site they say that version 300.21.012 is available for the E71s (I think there is also a newer version 400.21.013 available but this may be US only) but our phone codes prevent us from using this. Orange say there is nothing they can do about this and there's little chance of getting any change out of Nokia.

Even more frustratingly we cannot order new E71s that can be updated to the latest version: you have to take what you are sent. Perhaps a chat with our orange customer manager is in order.


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