Tuesday, 8 March 2011

VirusScan 8.8

VirusScan 8.8

This has been released into the wild.

There are a long list of enhancements to this compared to version 8.7 which has been with us for some time (and quite a few service packs). In general it is supposed to run faster and use less resources.

I've rolled it out via EPO and have found it a very positive experience. My experience pretty much tallies with the claims made for it by Network Associates.

One interesting thing is that it now incorporates the anti spyware service that used to be a separate payable addon. We have used the anti spyware set up as a separate addon to virus scan here and I always found it quite effective. Now that its bundled together we no longer need to renew this licence: which is a bonus.

VirusScan 8.8

Reviewed by Phil Mulley
on Mar 8 2011

Rating: 4.0


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