Monday, 13 December 2010

Certificates from GoDaddy

Certificates from GoDaddy

We have been using free certificates from StartSSL for a little while. As these have to be renewed every month: and that renewal is tied to a certificate installed on one web browser it seemed sensible to move to a more permanent arrangement.

In the end I plumped for GoDaddy. The price was very good: just over £50 for 5 certificates for a year.

However, on setting them up we were dismayed. Firstly the verification process did not see the mail address associated with the domain we wanted to protect. This left a very long and tiresome process to get the certificates.

Once that was completed: worse was to follow! GoDaddy in their wisdom do not provide private keys to go with your SSL certificate. Without this the certificate is useless: and given that StartSSL had no issues I really do wonder why this is. GoDaddy point you to other vendors to get your private key: but this is no trivial matter: and anyone who wants to check on this can have a look at the OpenSSL site to see how scary it looks for those not versed in the minutae of the process.

I'm sure we will get over the hurdle but its a right royal pain. In fairness I should point out that the support people at GoDaddy have been excellent throughout: but this process is far from painless.


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