Friday, 8 February 2019

Fixing an unreliable NFS mount

I store my music,  photos and documents in a central location so that I can access them via any of my systems.

Since I don't use any windows systems at home I can use NFS as a sharing method rather than SMB (or SAMBA).

This has always meant that the share seems quite a bit faster and more reliable.  Recently,  however,  the mapping as set out in my /etc/fstab file has not always been working.  Sometimes I get a waiting symbol rather than the regular icon for network manager just after logon: and on these occasions I find that the mapping has not been done.

After some research I found a package that fixed the issue for me (given that I use network manager).

The fix involves enabling a service on bootup:

systemctl enable NetworkManager-wait-online.service

Credit goes to the Arch WIKI for this little nugget


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