Friday, 16 December 2016

Infinality Fonts and text antialiasing issue

I always set up the infinality fonts when I set up a Linux distro.  Its not that Linux is awful at fonts,  but its hard to argue its always as good as windows.  If something can be improved with regards to a linux config,  I'll have a go.

Until now I've never had an issue with the infinality fonts which I use both in Manjaro and MX15/16.   However,  the other day I did come across something rather strange.

I was trying to set  up a logo for my sister's blogsite and I wanted a clear background with the text on top.  So I googled how to do this with gimp and off I went: but when I typed in my logo  this is what I saw:

The green highlight around the edge of the font was  hideous,  so I had to go another way.  

So off to google I went and eventually I found this

The solution was this:

Creating /etc/gimp/2.0/fonts.conf and adding

fixes the problem.


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