Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Humble Bundle: for linux users the Vessel appears to be empty

Humble Bundle: for linux users the Vessel appears to be empty

I'm a great supporter of the Humble Indie Bundle which I think provides great value for money and  is currently one of the few ways to get some decent games which play under Linux.

I bought the 6th games bundle recently and my daughters were particularly excited about Vessel having watched the promo videos online.

At release date Vessel was not available for the linux platform but a notice on the humble site said that it would be released shortly.  That was now a month ago and still no Vessel.  There is an option on the site to allow you to mail them and they will mail back when the release is made but I feel this is a pretty long wait already.

I don't want to complain about the Humble Bundle people really as its a great and well thought out service: and if you have not bought any of their stuff: please do so now.  However,  perhaps some more communication is called for here.  I can understand that all sorts of things can hold up re development of a game for a new platform: but my daughters (5 and 7) can't: and they are the next generation of gamers: lets not put them off linux as a platform!

There appear to be quite a few bugs in the linux build of Torchlight as well: there have been some updates to this post release: but for example faces are still unavailable in the characters which tends to give the game a strange unreal quality.


Since posting there has been a development: see this link

So there is finally some news,  but if you look at the comments: quite a few point out that communication was certainly lacking here.

Humble Bundle

Reviewed by Phil Mulley
on Jan 6 2012

Rating: 3.5


Clare said...

I think you should be an IT reviewer Phil.

Anonymous said...

The point is lack of communication - or at least information. If they only would give us a realistic release date of Vessel for Linux ...

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