Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Hopefully I have another interview coming

I'm just off the phone to a more than helpful agent who is representing an equity firm who require an IT manager/SysAdmin.

I really like the sound of the company and it was great to hear that the current incumbent is really making an effort towards an orderly transfer.  The chance of a good outcome is always greatly improved under these conditions.  Its just round the corner from where I was working recently.

My details are going over now but with a bit of luck that will be another interview in the offing.

My interview at the Norwich firm has been confirmed for next week: so its full speed ahead on that one (which also sounds very interesting as they deal in near field communications).  Working in Norwich sounds nice also: and its only a short walk from Norwich station so that would help a lot.

Thanks for all the messages of support.


Clare Mulley said...

Great news, great results coming in!

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