Monday, 20 August 2012

Nearly, but no cigar

I've done well considering its August,  probably the worst month to try and get a new job.

I've had a couple of interviews.

The first went very well and I was well suited to what would have been a great role.  I got through to the last few (probably last 3) but not quite....

Second one was a role that I was perhaps less well suited for,  and I did not think the interview went as well as the first: I was never certain that I had all the skills that they were asking for: and probably over emphasised that in interview.  Its not down to me to tell people what I cannot do.  I still got down to the last 2 but....

Since then I've done an online technical test for another role : which I have never heard back from: so I'm guessing wasn't great.

There was another role that I was called about: and out went the trusty CV: but again I've heard nothing back.

Indeed I heard nothing back from the company for role 2: which is a bit poor considering I travelled to London twice to see them.

So we live and learn.  I need to improve my interview technique: but its not that bad and for things that I feel I really want I think/hope that I come across well.  I just need to learn to project myself as the person that someone really needs to take their company forwards: the one to make them forget the rest of the candidates.

I also know that I will need to keep working on making sure my technical abilities are up to date.  Most specifically on exchange server.  There has been recent learning with setting up Office 365 just before I left my last job.  That turned out to be a more challenging technical ask than I had realized: with the active directory preparation and DNS work perhaps the most challenging.  But it was all working when I left,  its just a pity that the new people wanted to go back to Lotus Notes.

So I'm working on updating my Exchange 2010 expertise at present: lots of exiting hours ahead studying the subject beckon.  I also plan to do some more learning around virtualization in the enterprise as well.

Wish me luck everyone.


Clare Mulley said...

Wishing you every luck, but thinking your track record is looking good so hopefully September will bring more and better chances.

johnmoconnor said...

best of luck Phil , I think the approach you are taking will reap rewards.

Plotting said...

Good luck mate
I continue to keep my ears open

Phil Mulley said...

Thanks for all your kind comments.

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