Sunday, 9 October 2011

Vipre Enterprise

Vipre Enterprise

I recently gave up on McAffee at work. Not that I really have many big issues with it but the software seemed to sit a bit heavily on our admittedly agening laptops.

Instead I went with Vipre and I have to say I've been very impressed. There is only 1 agent process running on clients and its much lighter on client systems generally.

It also seems to have found quite a few nasties that McAffee had left in place: almost entirely spyware (we were using the McAffee anti spyware module but Vipre's seems more effective).

GFI have just published version 5 of Vipre which features an inbuilt database for deployment (I had used the "light" version of SQL in my version 4 deployment) so if there is anyone out there who has tried version 5: what did you think of it?

Vipre Enterprise

Reviewed by Phil Mulley
on Oct 10 2011

Rating: 4.5


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