Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Sametime 8.5

Sametime 8.5

We have deployed the latest version of sametime (in its basic form) at work.

I have to say: from a support point of view its a bit of a nightmare. It has taken around a month to get it anywhere near working properly: via a host of undocumented ini file switches. Getting it working on our iNotes site (lotus notes web interaface) has been even more time consuming. Even now: because our sametime server does not have its own certificate it still causes errors in Internet Explorer.

I'm playing around with the certificates available from so perhaps we'll get round that: but it should not be this difficult.

I have had a test server running Openfire (open source chat server) for a while now. It took a day to set up: end to end. It works beautifully and can even be used via mobile phones. Active directory integration is easy to set up and there are a host of addons that can be set up.

Surely there is a lesson in here for IBM somewhere.....


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