Friday, 3 September 2010

EPolicy Orchestrator and Agent Ver 4.5

EPolicy Orchestrator and Agent Ver 4.5

In an idle moment I saw that McAfee's deployment agent for anti virus and spyware products had been updated from version 4 to version 4.5.

I used my EPO server to push out this upgrade after registering the software with the console.

This proved to be a big mistake!

My version of EPO is 4: with service pack 2 applied. Sadly: after installing Agent 4.5 I found that EPO will only work with this version with a later service pack applied. So I downloaded service pack 7 and tried to update my EPO. This resulted in continual failures to install and the software rolling back to where it had been before.

Eventually I resorted to calling the support line and after 5 days of work and an upgrade to 2nd tier support we finally got the patch to install. Some extensions had become detatched from the main database somehow and were stopping the install. Credit to McAfee support as it was a complicated issue.

So finally I had a working setup again. Except: we run Virus Scan and also McAfee antispyware. I found that with agent 4.5 EPO would no longer push out the antispyware: only virus scan. So I had to downgrade all agents back to version 4.


Phil Mulley said...

Since the downgrade in agent versions I've not been able to view the clients logs from the console. I know I have the correct settings in EPO, all a bit annoying.

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