Thursday, 4 March 2010

Open Source Chat Server

Openfire Chat Server

We currently use IBM's Sametime Chat server. We have quite an old version and the chances are that another solution will be needed in future.

I've been looking at Openfire for a while now. I had a slow day recently so I installed it on a under utilised server here and I have to say I was very impressed. Openfire is open source but I found there were plenty of sites on the web with lots of config information available.

It has a ton of features and was very easy to install and configure. I've also managed to get it to connect to our Nokia E71 mobile phones. I ended up using "Talkonaut" for this but I spent a while trying to get it working with "Slick" without success. If there is anyone out there who has had success with getting Slick to connect to Openfire do please give me a clue.


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